Contraction of the words ‘culture’ and ‘cheers’, meaning ‘enjoying culture in a friendly atmosphere’. At cultcheers, we promote culture through dialogue.

Our belief

At cultcheers, we are convinced that we are all cultural beings , and that we learn culture from each other. cultcheers wants to bring oral tradition back into the heart of our lives by reintroducing discussions and dialogue on topics you love.
At cultcheers, we also believe that curiosity and real connection with others are powerful drivers of fulfillment, and talent is in everyone.

The concept

cultcheers is a website that connects curious people with talents to create genuine meetings.

Curious people could be you, us, or anybody that is eager to discover and meet others. Talents are passionate about a topic and perhaps even an expert. A talent could be your neighbour or someone you’ve never met before. Talents are all unique but have the same desire: to share and pass on their knowledge.

We are all open to different forms of transmission. cultcheers offers you 3 ways of sharing knowledge: talk*, performance** or tasting***. These three convivial moments are interactive and use at least two of your senses.


transmission of knowledge through words


transmission of knowledge through action


transmission of knowledge through sampling


cultcheers offers you one hour of live culture close to home, on the topic of your choice, over a drink in a small group of people and for a 15€ single price. cultcheers meets and chooses for you these talents in philosophy, literature, art, sciences and history in your city.

60minutesaround adrinkat hometopic& talentof your choice6 to 12people


cultcheers at the talent’s or the curious host’s place

Take a peek behind the scene by discovering the knowledge of a talent in their living room. Enjoy an exciting, unique and lively moment on a theme that you love.

A private cultcheers

If you want to offer your friends a unique experience, you can book a talent for a special moment. Enjoy the amazing experience of having a talent at home and create singular, fun and inspiring moments just for you and your friends.

cultcheers into the world of work

Invite a certified & passionate talent into your company and offer your team a splash of culture. What better way to strengthen the social links between your employees, support their well-being and enhance the attractiveness of your organization?

For any special request, contact us at

Our website

Visit to register and book your place. cultcheers’ events are participatory and multisensory experiences.
Have a look at our subjects’ portfolio and make a choice! Our talents are excited to meet you!

Do you have a talent and want to share it? Contact us at
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Behind the scenes of a cultcheers!

Behind the scenes of a cultcheers!

"Even better than sports to disconnect."@ Julie
"Inspiring. An experience for all the senses. I am leaving with willingness to create something."@ Olaf
"We could ask all the questions we wanted, it was awesome!"@ Henry
"It's amazing, when I've finished a book, I've almost forgotten everything. But after a cultcheers, I fell like I have truly lived something and it sticks!"@ Marie