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A Journey In Song Through Outsider Art With Dusty Stray

Join Dusty Stray (Jonathan Brown's musical moniker) for an unique presentation of some of his favorite Outsider Artists: their interesting stories, their unusual works...

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Making photographs without a camera

The initial idea was to make images without a camera. Then I thought about the litophane: eighteenth century technique that produces bas-relief images on porcelain wit...


Viper Mad songs

Heartfelt songs, intimate performance and some interaction on the stories and setlist with Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies. Grab some of the percussion and play and sin...


Une histoire de dessous

Mathilde Baillarger est une vraie magicienne. Elle réalise de merveilleuses créations qui nous transportent dans un autre temps et un autre lieu, parfois même dans un ...


Dante dans sa Comédie

Florence, 1302. Dante quitte sa ville natale, banni pour toujours. C’est en tant qu’exilé qu’il écrira sa Comédie, allant d’une cour à l’autre de l’Italie du Nord. Son...


Les Visages du MĂ©kong

Le photographe Martin BERTRAND présentera lors d’une conférence illustrée son projet “Les Visages du Mekong”. Afin de mettre en perspective les enjeux géo-environneme...


Taekwondo: martial art and way of life

During the presentation I will briefly talk about the history of this Korean martial art and the philosophy behind its manner of practice. I will also perform and demo...


Everything you ever wanted to know about chocolate

We all love chocolate. But how much do we know about it? Marika works as a consultant in the cacao and chocolate industry and is a qualified chocolate taster. In one h...


Behind the Scenes of Creativity

In this cultcheers presentation, Geneviève Chassé, a French Canadian multi disciplinary artist, will present some of her artistic projects and reveal the surprising jo...