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Europe and its Union: much needed, much scolded

The European Union and its predecessors (the EEC and later the EC) have been with us for more than sixty years now and went through some serious ups and downs. Its his...


Essential Oils of Ancient Scripture

Have you ever wondered why things like Frankincense, Myrrh and other essential oils had so much value in ancient times? Come learn about how essential oils were used i...


Literary History of Amsterdam - 14th Century to Present Day

Did you know that over 70 Amsterdam street names were named after Dutch writers and poets? Multiple factors provide the key to an understanding of the remarkable succe...


From Zoetropes to Youtube

Join a hands-on exploration of iStop Motion animation! Participants will not only discover the secret recipe for transforming still images into moving images but will ...

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Auguste Rodin, père de la sculpture moderne

Découvrez comment Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) partant de références classiques parvint à imposer à la "Belle époque" ses sujets sulfureux, une esthétique du fragment et ...


Holding ground against water: a Dutch fight and its heritage

Curious to know how Dutch people live, with relative tranquility, below sea level? Why they nickname the Netherlands, a 'little froggs' country, with affection and pri...


Berlage, l'architecte de la Bourse ("Beurs") d'Amsterdam, qui pensait le capitalisme voué à l'échec.

Nous allons découvrir ensemble les spécificités de ce projet architectural mené par Berlage vers 1900 au coeur d'Amsterdam. Berlage a voulu créer une oeuvre d'art tota...


The painting diagnostic

I shall present a painting and the curious will make an investigation with me to make diagnostic; English in request welcome I shall present a painting and the curious...


Art is my Mistress

When people use the phrase – Art is my Mistress – it usually used to mean that the person is passionately dedicated to art as to their wife. But does love really come ...