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Auguste Rodin, père de la sculpture moderne

Découvrez comment Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) partant de références classiques parvint à imposer à la "Belle époque" ses sujets sulfureux, une esthétique du fragment et ...


Holding ground against water: a Dutch fight and its heritage

Curious to know how Dutch people live, with relative tranquility, below sea level? Why they nickname the Netherlands, a 'little froggs' country, with affection and pri...


Berlage, l'architecte de la Bourse ("Beurs") d'Amsterdam, qui pensait le capitalisme voué à l'échec.

Nous allons découvrir ensemble les spécificités de ce projet architectural mené par Berlage vers 1900 au coeur d'Amsterdam. Berlage a voulu créer une oeuvre d'art tota...


The painting diagnostic

I shall present a painting and the curious will make an investigation with me to make diagnostic; English in request welcome I shall present a painting and the curious...


Art is my Mistress

When people use the phrase – Art is my Mistress – it usually used to mean that the person is passionately dedicated to art as to their wife. But does love really come ...