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Dante dans sa Comédie

Florence, 1302. Dante quitte sa ville natale, banni pour toujours. C’est en tant qu’exilé qu’il écrira sa Comédie, allant d’une cour à l’autre de l’Italie du Nord. Son...


Essential Oils of Ancient Scripture

Have you ever wondered why things like Frankincense, Myrrh and other essential oils had so much value in ancient times? Come learn about how essential oils were used i...


Connect with Your Female Cycle

Does your cycle feel like a wild roller coaster? Our womanly hormones, fertility, and menstrual cycle can tell us so much about our overall health, if we know what...


Toxin Free Living with Essential Oils

From home cleaners and beauty products to unnecessary medicines or fragrances, our bodies are being bombarded by toxins daily. Come learn how you can ditch the chemica...


Literary History of Amsterdam - 14th Century to Present Day

Did you know that over 70 Amsterdam street names were named after Dutch writers and poets? Multiple factors provide the key to an understanding of the remarkable succe...


Holding ground against water: a Dutch fight and its heritage

Curious to know how Dutch people live, with relative tranquility, below sea level? Why they nickname the Netherlands, a 'little froggs' country, with affection and pri...


Demystifying Blockchain and Cryptocurrency - Understanding the Basics

Curious about cryptocurrency and blockchain? This happening will get you to understand the vocabulary, history, and possibilities of cryptocurrency. You will get the b...


Essential oils, more than just perfume. Introduction to the amazing world of aromatherapy.

Used for thousands of years in the traditional medicine, essential oils are rapidly gaining popularity among people interested in natural alternatives to support their...


Off Ground Generation: what are we talking about?

"Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children." - Sitting Bull It took two generations for childhood to move indoors. Today children...


C'est quoi la bière ?

Petite histoire de la bière Découverte des 4 ingrédients fondamentaux qui la composent Procédé de fabrication : le brassage et la fermentation Les 3 familles de lev...